On my 30th birthday I lost my baby, I was devastated. My world fell apart. What do you do when LIFE falls apart? My misfortune of loosing a child actually inspired CBIB – Compassionate Burials for Indigent Babies, which was created to help poor families to bury their baby. During times of distress in our lives we can do either two things, one completely fall apart or two, hang onto the God of infinite possibilities. It is HE who can bring good out of everything, even death.

During my prayer time, I was thinking of the kind of woman I would like to be. As I was drinking my coffee on my porch, I began thinking of the many woman I admire. So I started to write this for my grandchildren, in hopes they may read this one day. I thought of the many great women of the world. Here is 3 of them. First, Mother Teresa of Calcutta, who cared and gave compassion for the forgotten and the unloved poor people of the streets. Her story inspires faith, commitment, and fortitude. Then Mother Cabrini, which Cabrini is where I went for High School, she was a great business woman with a great heart for the orphans who had no one to care for them. She was inspired by God to open up orphanages. And last, my favorite, Mother Mary, a humble ordinary woman. She was simple, poor and an uneducated woman, who said yes to God and changed the world.

Is God calling all of us to be women of infinite possibilities like this? The answer is yes. He has created you to be who you are and can do great things with you where you are. Remember God says all things are possible with him. What is your story? What can it be like? By adding Jesus, even into a horrible situation, then there is nothing impossible. Whether famous and grandeur or humble and miniscule, your life has great meaning.

Remember the story of David in the field with his beloved sheep. The God of infinite possibilities was his Father, his best friend. When God is your best friend, lions and tigers and bears can not hurt you. Even Goliath. Just like David, you have a purpose and your story is important, that is why God made you. You have a destiny.

Every word and every action done in love and in God’s name lives forever. Continue doing small things with great love and gratitude, like cleaning your house, doing the mundane jobs like driving the kids to school every morning, washing clothes, making the beds, feeding you family. He will increase you and inspire you. Nothing is too simple, sing it well with a song of thanks. Take the small things and watch them grow.

Instead of feeling sorry for yourself, look at your circumstances with new eyes. Faith can change your situation, for you are the daughter of the King! The God of all creation has chosen you to be his. With thanksgiving, he will pull you up and he will be the lifter of your head and with joy you can be A Woman of Infinite Possibilities.

Lise Naccari
CBIB: Compassionate Burials for Indigent Babies
Founder and Executive Director