I was in a Restaurant tonight. I saw a young woman who knew of me through CBIB and she had some mutual friends who worked with our CBIB Funerals. She came up to me and said she had been seeing CBIB on Face Book.  After our brief meeting she followed me into the bathroom and proceeded to tell me her life story., in the bathroom. When she was 18 she had gotten pregnant. She did not want the baby and was considering an abortion.  A friend  of  the family took her aside and asked her if she didn’t want the baby, that they would like to adopt it.  So that was the plan, but after some time, she started to feel the baby move in her womb. One day the baby had the hiccups. She said, “I couldn’t make the little critter stop, it continued over and over.” She was trying to describe to me how beautiful that feeling of the baby in her womb, it made her fall in love. No longer was this an unwanted baby. As she was trying to describe her  feelings to me. I saw tears in her bright shinning eyes and I started crying too. There were people going in and out of the bathroom, as we were sharing this intimate moment together, an older woman one past us both. She must have caught a glimpse of the conversation and saw our faces. She gave me an approving smile to me. Her smile was like the kind a mother would smile. She had a sweet and understanding face, as if she knew the end of the story, and it was a good story.
Anyway, I think it was a divine appointment that we all shared together in the bathroom, thanks to hiccups!
This same woman continued to share just how much in love she was with her son. He was her whole world! She said, “Just think, I thought that baby was going to ruin me,
but instead he was sent to save my life!”
All human life is sacred, precious and deserves respect!
SAFE        To promote the Safe Haven Law
SECURE  To provide comfort to grieving families
SACRED  To provide dignified burials for babies
Lise Naccari 
CBIB – Founder and Executive Director 
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