CBIB has helped 205 babies as of 2/10/21 and with our small acts of kindness have touched hundreds of families lives.
CBIB is proud to say that we make a profound impact in the Community. We provide a valuable service to those in need. It is powerful
to show respect, dignity and honor to the Holy Innocence.
In January, the families of both Baby Jaden and Baby Lincoln have been helped
and on Feb. 24th CBIB will help 2 more families.
Baby Cruz was born to a mother who desperately wanted her baby but lost it at 14 weeks gestation. Baby Cruz was loved. Baby Brianna
was 38 wk. in gestation and also very much wanted and loved.
Unfortunately, we are living in an error that children are unwanted, unloved, and their very lives are in danger. With this new administration,
unwanted late term Babies are at risk and are allowed to be aborted and their body parts sold like cattle to profit abortion Clinics. It is cruel,
it is murder, it is child abuse, but it is reality. We do not even treat our dogs this way. I am outraged at this horrific slaughter of children.
On the other hand, how grievous it is for these poor mothers who love and want their children and loose them, like baby Cruz and baby
Brianna’s mothers and yet there are mothers having late term abortions. It is evil that a mother would commit their own flesh and blood
to such inhumane tortured as a “late term abortion” and yet think how this act could have such catastrophic consequences to the mental
and emotional health of a woman, not to mention the death of a child.
May God help us that we have allowed this to be happen in our country!
My friends, it is both a blessing and earthshaking for me to be a witness at any baby funeral but especially hard to see the coffin of a late
term baby. It is a reminder to me, how very precious and sacred life is and that we must all cherish and nourish all human life. Furthermore,
it is obvious to me, that we as a nation, have a moral obligation to protect our children.
Are we our brothers keeper? Such egregious crimes against humanity should provoke us to action.
CBIB needs your help.
Please call us if you can help us to help others.
Thank you.