There are a great many people who have been forgotten. I am talking about the Holy innocence. Children lost in miscarriage or abortion. Who are they? Our sons and daughters. Many were never buried, like mine. I lost a baby to miscarriage and didn’t think of burial. I didn’t know it could be an option. But because of that event in my life, I formed this group CBIB – Compassionate Burials for Indigent Babies where we have buried aborted, abandoned, murdered, thrown away in the trash babies.

We have buried babies who were only 2 inches in length to 2 years old. All are human life. All deserve a dignified burial. About five years ago, I found out that babies under 20 weeks gestation are thrown away in Hospitals. They are picked up by medical waste and disposed of like trash. They are also called “Products of conception.” This is a term for human life, I loath. They are human beings not products. Products are things and not people. Many people were never given the acknowledgment that they deserve for their short life. Where are they? In God’s keeping, but they are not without purpose. Somewhere, somehow, God will show us what they were for and what we are for. Our loving Father’s ways are not our ways, but we trust in him. Oh Lord, we surrender and give ourselves to you, for you know the way and you can show us. Help us to value all human life in all it’s forms. Help us to honor them. Help us to be thankful for the fleeting moments you have allowed us to live. Help us to be kind and thoughtful to the lowly and not disregard the smallest of people and think of them as insignificant. Maybe these are forgotten souls that I speak of, but believe me, no mother ever can forget.

CBIB believes that all human life is precious and deserves a dignified burial.

With help, CBIB went to the capital and got a law passed in Louisiana (2016 Compassionate Burials Bill 382 HB2341this law is also in Kansas ) stated that a woman has the right to bury her baby (even if that human life is at the stage of a fetus). Hopefully we can get this law into every state.