In Sept 2002, late one evening, I was up alone watching TV. There was an EWTN Show with Fr. Frank Provone, the pro life priest. He showed how human fetus’ body parts were being sold. He told of how much each body part was sold for. There were people actually making money off of this atrocity. I kept thinking of the Nazi’s German’s inhumanity towards mankind. I was horrified and sickened by this report. I got up early the next day to catch a plane to California to visit my Mom.

My mother was ill and I did not knowing it would be my last visit.

The next night in California, my Mom and I stayed up late laughing and talking together. We watched the old family movies of when my Dad was in the service and we all lived in Hawaii. I was a baby then. Our time together was so special. We enjoyed watching the old films together. I then told my Mom what I had seen the night before on tv with the information of the selling of body parts. Suddenly she got very serious. She too was horrified by the news.

Without thinking I said, “Mom I am going to bury those babies.” I will never forget her face.

With a pensive look, she pointed her finger at me, and sternly said, “Lise you have to do this!” I will never forget that look. It stopped me in my tracks. It was not like her. My Mom was a cheerful person, with a pleasant disposition and she never told me what to do, especially would never point her finger at me. I was always a free spirited person and often did just whatever I wanted to. My older sister was the one who would tell me what to do, she would blurt out orders to me, but I didn’t always listen. So I was shocked and surprised at my Mom’s reaction, it was so out of character for her. Could possibly with that look, and her finger, and those words, be My Divine Commission?

A divine commission from God delivered by my Mom? I believed so.

I will never forget the day I left to go back home. I asked her Mom.” Do you want me to stay longer?” She said, ” No, you need to go back home to your family who needs you.” So I sat on the bed next to her and we hugged with a long loving embrace. We cried together but said nothing as we held each other. Well, it was a week later that my mom had died, and I hadcome back and was at her side at her death. But I can still feel that embrace. I like to think somehow it lasts into eternity somewhere, heaven perhaps? I know this loving embrace still lasts inside of me. But nothing like the death of your mother can cause such an inner stir in your soul, a trial by fire. Funny, I had such a renewed steadfast spirit which seem to launch me into a series of incredible events. To be my destiny, it seemed to me.

Her death created a passion and fervor which gave birth to CBIB.