Often CBIB is asked, “So what do you do?”
Like Simon, in the scriptures, he was asked to come carry the cross. We are likewise asked to carry the cross of grieving parents. We have parents who come to us crippled from the task of such a grievous cross, to bury their baby. We say, here I take up this cross and carry it for you.
Recently, I spoke to a young mom who couldn’t lift her head from her pillow, her cross was too heavy. I tried to encourage her with the sweet words of our dear Lord Jesus Christ,” I will never leave you or desert you.” I told her, God loves you. God is for you, not against you. I proceeded to tell her what we do. We have a beautiful hand made casket to fit your baby and we lovingly make garments especially for your baby. We will have a burial place for your baby so you can visit. We will be there with you and we will have a celebration of life on March 31, 2021, with a dignified service, flowers and music to wish your baby good bye. Our good Lord, will swiftly receive your little one from the arms of his angels. This we provide for you, free of charge. I reassured her that a Funeral will help heal you and give you closure. God is with you , do not be afraid.
I have come to learn, when I had miscarried my baby, that they didn’t let me see or hold ’em to kiss ’em good bye. At the Hospital they did not even tell me what I had but I did have a kind nurse who patted my hand and said we will take care of this. But in reality they did not take care of it.
Did you know miscarried babies are thrown away like trash? They are picked up and disposed of with medical waste. This is not very respectful for human life, is it? Not for your baby, your own flesh and blood.
But I was young, I didn’t think I had a choice of what to do and I didn’t ask. Crippled by my sadness, I couldn’t pick up my cross for myself. I could not lift my head from the pillow.  Looking back, I realize now, I can in turn, pick up someone else’s cross for them and pat their hand and really do something for them. God is the lifter of our head and in life sometimes he enables us to help pick up someone else’s head for them. That is what we do. Like Simon, we pick up the cross and carry them on the hard journey, which gives them hope.
Every month CBIB tries to raise the money for a funeral like this, if you feel moved to help us, we appreciate it. Thank you. And may the God who lifts our head, lift yours as well.