This week a woman called me, whom I didn’t know. She proceeded to tell me of her abortion. My heart sank. She explained her pain and suffering of her loss that she experienced which was destroying her life. Then she told me of how she came to God and she told God how she regretted her decision for an abortion and could feel his forgiveness and so was able to receive healing for the sin of abortion. She went to Rachael’s Vineyard for help. When one looses a child in miscarriage or abortion this is a huge event in ones life. As a mother can feel she could feel an empty womb which was once full with her baby’s life. Now there is an empty space, a hole in her heart, grieved and can no be consoled. A sadness that can lead to death for those without faith. Despair and depression eats away at any joys of life. Mental illness is often followed as a symptom. There is a torment that brews through the years, if not dealt with honestly. But with God, He can create all things new. I don’t dare minimize the sin of murder here when talking about abortion, but where there is repentance, God’s love, grace and mercy is greater than any sin we have committed. I, for one, will open wide the door to anyone who seeks God’s love, mercy, and forgiveness. He has come to set the captives free. This is important in this day and age where so many women have walked this road that leads to death.

The death of a baby and a death of a woman’s soul. But we have good news for all the women who have traveled the dark halls of hell. Our Good News should be shouted from the highest mountains tops that nothing we do will ever separate us from the love of God! For he is greater than any sin we commit. He welcomes us into the inner chambers of his heart and that is where we can find our healing. Nothing is impossible for God. He waits for us to decide to run into his open arms. But it is our choice. We have a free will. Our Lord is a gentleman. He does not force us. He is not the man with a hammer ready to pound us. He patiently waits for us. He is the good shepherd, who finds the lost sheep and carries them home close to his heart. So if I am speaking to you, go find Jesus, he is the friend of sinners. He alone can help you in your pain and suffering. John 10:10 Jesus said, ” The thief comes to steal and destroy, but I have come to give LIFE and give it abundantly! ” Jesus, friend of sinners, I know you can see me. I am sorry for what I have done. Please Lord, help me. Please Gentle Shepherd, heal me.

God loves you and so do we
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