Funeral for Adriel ( means belonging to God, God is my help ) Adriel’s parents called around and could not find any funeral home that would help them bury their baby who was 6-8 weeks in gestation. The mother of Adriel found out about CBIB and how we honor the life of the unborn and called us to help her bury her baby. She told us that she called several funeral homes who were very callous to her situation and they were not helpful. They were insensitive to her grieving and minimized the life of her baby as a loss. Often people discount the unborn as not being a human being. So therefore, they think a mother should not grieve. They believe that was not a person and so parents should not be experiencing any loss.

I understand that a young pregnant woman has these raging hormones and it comes with a myriad of emotions that swarms her being. In addition to these emotions, losing a child has a separate set of issues and feelings that also need to be dealt with. There is such a disappointment with miscarriage and deserves ones understanding and compassion. As a parent, one has such high hopes and dreams and then when one has a miscarriage, their dreams are all dashed in a moment. It can leave one feeling devastated. Not to mention that you were in love. There was a little one there that you fell in love with, even though you never met them. They were a part of you. You couldn’t wait to see and hold them. And now the dream of that is gone. These parent’s loss should not me discounted or minimized. Our funeral home has been wonderful and very compassionate towards this cause, burying the unborn. I hope and pray that other parents don’t experience what Adriel’s parents experienced and that perhaps that was an unusual situation. But how unfortunate that a parent can not find sympathy when they need it.

CBIB will be having a funeral for two babies. Adriel and Marie Lynn (Marie Lynn’s mother of baby is a teenager) Both are miscarriages 6-8 weeks in gestation

Funeral for Marie Lynn and Adriel
Wednesday Feb. 28 at 12:30 – meet families 1:00 Graveside service starts
St. Patrick’s #1 Cemetery
5000 Canal St.