Away from the madding crowd and the steady pulse of the busy city, no longer rushing, pushing, or racing. As I now relax on my country porch in silence. I am resting in front of a fans breeze in the morning air listening to the summer locust humming in the pine forest before me. I can reflect clearly here without distraction. God, my spirit within me is peaceful, I am so thankful. I am yours and  you are mine. I know you are with me. I know you love me. Yesterday was so wonderful as we buried 6 babies for young parents that needed our help. We were all so pleased to reach out to those grieving parents. It was a privilege and an honor to show dignity for those little babies. Strange, it was such a joy. I can not express adequately my feelings. But it was pure joy to help those who need your assistance. My sleep last night was sweet. I awoke with a smile. I feel so blessed. As I look back on the events of that day, it was a delight to tightly hold a little Momma who wet my checks with her tears while whispering tender thank yous close to my ear. To constantly honor the dead is a privilege few experience. What many run away from, I run to. In this I find a true satisfaction, a fulfilling destiny. My sweet Lord, I feel I am doing your will, and I feel you are pleased with this. There were about 80 people there at the funeral who came in the blistering heat to show support and express love. It was a day to be remembered as we all came together with one heart. We were black and white, young and old, rich and poor but we all showed we cared for one another. It was truly the heart of God.
Lise Naccari