Here are pictures from our CBIB October 2019 Funeral for 3 sweet little babies and for 3 families who could not afford a funeral. Really 4, I will explain. Sara, Darnell, *Prince, *King( I am writing to you just about Prince and King, Sara and Darnell have their own story )

We helped to bury King on October 11, not at St. Patrick’s. King’s mother came to the funeral service at St. Patrick’s. I showed her that we will put his name on the nameplate in the Prayer Garden.
Prince’s mother told me of her story where she had lost Prince while she was pregnant for twins last year. (The body of Prince was still waiting for burial) The baby girl made it, but Prince didn’t. The mother named her baby girl Royalty. So Prince’s sister, Royalty who was one year old, came to the funeral for her brother. The mother had no money to bury Prince and she called us for help. The family all came dressed in purple. King and Prince’s mothers connected at the funeral. After one year, You can just imagine how this was such a healing closure for this family.

I always ask the mothers to pray for each other, since they are going through the same thing. It was wonderful seeing how the two mothers bonded at the funeral.
I also, observed that Prince’s family were all women. The Mother, Grandmother, Auntie, Godmother and two girl cousins in Catholic High School uniforms were there, no men from that family. They were a very loving family and very distressed. They consoled each other. I was moved by the grandmother’s bear hug. She crabbed me and gave me a long warm embrace, it was very touching, I can still feel it. I needed that!
As always, God has a plan and we are just there to watch it unfold.